Republic Tobacco - Smoking is bad

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Yes, we know this, however, smokers will try nearly anything to quit, save money, change and try to fit in.That is how we came to be.

Many smokers started because they were unaccepted. Guess what, they still are. Unhealthy, smelly, grumpy, so go ahead, kick them while they are down. An addict is an addict.

I've been told the roll your own have less chemicals and would be easier to step off from, great.

A ray of hope, so I bought a $50 machine and supplies, only find, it does not work. The store, nor the manufacture of Top O Matic will refund the money.

Listen up naughty smokers, don't be suckered.The company wants your money, they don't care for you anymore than the rest of the world.

Review about: Top-O-Matic T2.


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You must be dumber than a box of rocks, Number 1 there is no chemicals not less nicotine and for you hillbilly's nicotine is a drug not a chemical and far as don't work I guess you got to be smarter than the machine. I quite a number of yours ago my Mother still does at the age of 76 she bought on of these machines a bag of tobacco and was shelling out a carton of smokes in a couple of hours or so.

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